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singLOVÉ is a project for singles, which provides you with the opportunity to spend free time and meet new people during some funny interesting activity. The fact, that everybody participating at this event is single, is the pleasant  added value.

After 2 years existence of this project for Czechs we decided to open it for English speaking foreigners and expats living in Brno as well. 

We would like to show you, that there are many nice places, activities and that Brno is expats friendly. We understand, that sometimes it can be difficult to live in foreign country and we would like to make your stay here more pleasant. And maybe you will meet your soulmate at our event ;-)

We suppose not only expats will join events in English. We welcome also Czech people, who want to practise English and meet new friends from abroad.

We are not a classic dating agency, we do not collect profiles, and do not say who fits you perfectly. We are doing it different by creating opportunities for meeting and acquaintance. In our opinion, a single period in a person's life is not a reason to be idle, but on the contrary, we can see it as an opportunity for personal development and getting to know new people and ourselves ;-)

Why should you join our event? Because we prepare various activities for you and there is always something to discover and try! Don't worry, we don't do mass events where you get lost among dozens of participants and you don't actually know anyone. We're not even an elite club where you have to pay an expensive membership. 

Everything will be ready for you - lecturers, program, background and you will only participate and spend a pleasant afternoon or evening. It's actually simple :-)

If you want to meet some interesting people, do interesting things!

Moreover, thanks to our events you will not only get to know new people, but also interesting places.


Marek S., wine tasting: "Your events are different, better :-) because they have different topics, I don’t think it’s a waste of time or money. I would like to thank you once again for organizing such events. It’s great to try new things and meet new people. "


Jan G., Sunday Brunch: "Very well mediated opportunity how to meet single people who are really interested in getting to know each other. Although there is no guarantee that you find lifelong partner (no one can guarantee it), the event is worth it. Great choice of café, plenty of everything, delicious food. I really enjoyed it. "

Ráďa N., picnic: "Girls! You have done a great job! You are excellent organizers. You have managed to eliminate our initial uncertainty and nervousness. I will participate in other events and I will be very happy to spread information about you! "


Petr K., photo shoot workshop: "Thank you for the great event, I would also like to thank the photographers for their excellent explanation and experience, which was inspiring for me and certainly moved me further. I would also like to praise the idea of this start-up, for me beautifully fancy and keeping my fingers crossed for you to be successful :-). "

Our team

Martina - author of the project and main organizer. Full of ideas and a contact person.

Zlatka - moderator and contact person for speed dating.

Jana - former president of a student organization focused on summer university, adviser and project critic.

Frequently asked questions

At the beginning of each event we get to know each other by playing games. Don‘t be afraid, you will not stand in front of the others and speak about yourself for several minutes. Our goal is to make the meeting playful and easy.
Every event has limited capacity and free places are divided into equal number of men and women. Our aim is therefore to keep the number of men and women balanced, but of course we will not affect it.
We do not want to limit you, but our project targets mainly to men and women aged 25-40. Of course, if you're not in this category and you want to participate, you can, because age is just a number.
At the end of the event, you'll be able to ask for contact with whom you want to see again in the future via special form. If the sympathies are reciprocal, we will be happy to forward your contact (email or phone number). So if you don't want to ask someone directly, you don't have to.
If you want to spend more time with others, you can move to another place after the organized program, but without our presence. Of course, we will only be happy because it proves that the event has fulfilled its purpose.


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