The Idea to Start a Project for Singles in Brno


It started 3 years ago. I wanted to try something new, to invest my time, energy and effort in something meaningful. And because I had a lot of single friends around me and really enjoy to try new things and meet new people, the idea of organizing events for singles was born.

I also had the experience „to be single” and I think, that it is great to use this period to trying new things, to self-development, but when you want to meet new partner, the options are limited.

I checked the available possibilities for singles in Brno. There are some speed dating activities, you can spent a weekend or a holiday with other single people and of course, there is Internet, dating applications and advertisement. But I wanted to offer something more interesting - the opportunity to spend free time and meet new people during some funny activity. The fact, that everybody participating at this event is single, would the pleasant added value.

I discussed this crazy idea with my partner, my friends and family and all of them said: „It is great, go ahead!“, so I did.

I asked two friends of mine to be a part of this project and they agreed. So we are a three-member realization team.

At the beginning it was not easy, because nobody knew us, we had no portfolio of successful events and also this field is quite delicate…

But we made a try and it works! Single people are attending our events, enjoy them, there are new relationships thanks to the project and we are so happy about that! :-)

Now, when more than 20 events behind us, I want to move forward and accept another challenge - to organize events for singles in English.

So after two years existence of this project I decided to open it for English speaking foreigners and expats living in Brno and show, that there are many nice places, activities and that you can meet new friends and maybe your soulmate at our event ;-).


PHONE: +420 775 276 847


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